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Patient specific implants

Planmeca ProModel™ offers patient-specific implants and physical models for maxillofacial surgery – all individually designed for best possible results. The implants are designed and manufactured to match any form, ensuring an exact fit to the patient’s anatomy. The service also includes physical 3D skull models and surgical guides for assisting in both pre-planning and the surgery itself.

Faster operations, precise fit and better aesthetic results

The 3D design is created in an online meeting between surgeon and designer.

Skull model for surgical pre-planning and ready-to-use patient specific implant.

Planmeca ProModel™ service concept

  • A unique service for creating patient specific implants, surgical guides and skull models from CBCT/CT images
  • 3D implants are designed in an online session between the surgeon and Planmeca designer 
  • Ordering is quick and easy – from order to delivery in just a few business days 
  • Reduces operation times by up to 3.5 hours and overall costs by more than 10 %
  • Faster and more precise operations leading to better aesthetic results