Stay mobile with the Planmeca mRomexis™

Our Planmeca mRomexis™ multiplatform application allows you to flexibly access your images on the go. Remove the constraint of place – consult with colleagues and communicate with patients easily wherever you are. Access all your images in the Planmeca Romexis® database on a local network or carry images with you on your mobile device.



Download the Planmeca mRomexis™ application for iOS and Android from the App Store or Google Play

Download the Planmeca mRomexis application






An easy and fast image viewing application

Our Planmeca mRomexis™ image viewer is the enhanced version of the popular and pioneering Planmeca iRomexis™ application.
Planmeca mRomexis presents several new features, such as multiplatform support (added browser and Android support) and the visualisation of 3D volumes in a real-time multi-slice MPR view. Patient and image comments, as well as patient ages can also be viewed, while an image activities display allows users to see which images have been updated most recently – helping users follow the latest activities at a clinic.

Planmeca mRomexis allows images to be viewed on desktop browsers on a local network where only image viewing functionality is needed. It is quick and easy solution for showing images to patients or colleagues.
Don’t wait until you get back to the office – you can go back to viewing an image whenever you need to with a mobile device or VPN connection.
Planmeca mRomexis includes basic annotation and measurement tools and the tablet versions of the application also allow the saving of images to an image gallery. You can easily share expertise with colleagues by sending images to them from your device by email.


  • View and zoom any image acquired with a Planmeca device
  • Measure and annotate any 2D image acquired with a Planmeca device
  • Visualise 3D volumes in MPR views
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of images
  • Capture and save snapshots to device local memory for email sending
  • Fast and easy viewing of a wide range of images:
    • 2D and 3D X-ray images
    • 3D surface models, such as Planmeca PlanScan® intraoral scans
    • Planmeca ProFace® facial photos
  • Annotation, measurement and snapshot tools
  • Access images on:
    • The Planmeca Romexis server
    • Planmeca Romexis® Cloud
    • Local device memory
  • Multiplatform support
    • Apple iOS tablets
    • Android tablets
    • Desktop browsers




Supported on iOS (8.0, iPad Air), Android (4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition) and desktop browsers (Internet Explorer 11.0, Mozilla Firefox 34.0, Google Chrome 39.0, and Safari 8.0).  


* Requires Planmeca Romexis 4.0 or newer.
** Desktop browser version requires a Planmeca Romexis 2D licence(s).
** Not intended for diagnostic use