A comprehensive concept for leading universities

Planmeca’s dental units, imaging devices and software solutions are the choice of over 200 leading universities around the world. Our products combine to form a perfect all-in-one solution – helping our customers benefit from sophisticated technology, efficient workflow and significant cost-savings.

When planning a new teaching environment or dental clinic, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our strong expertise in creating long-lasting solutions makes us your ideal project partner.


Taking dental education to a new level

“It is of primary importance that students are exposed to the latest technology. Otherwise, there will be no development.”

University of Eastern Finland/Kuopio University Hospital
Jari Kellokoski, Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Planmeca’s unique teaching concept – a new way to teach and learn

We are proud to offer the most comprehensive and integrated solutions available in the field of dental education. The end result is an inspiring learning environment for students and a cost-efficient teaching model for dental institutions.

Our unique teaching concept offers the most advanced tools for modern dental education – from simulation units and software to centralised infection control, dental care units, CAD/CAM solutions and 2D and 3D imaging devices.

In addition to our own products and services, we have a long history of working together with an extensive network of companies that provide specialised and complimentary solutions regarding, for example, water quality, haptic simulations and video streaming.

The Planmeca teaching concept – key features 

  • Creating a modern learning environment that simulates real treatment
  • Credible to both new and experienced learners
  • Features designed especially for university clinics
  • Seamless integration of hardware and software
  • A centralised system that enables remote monitoring, assistance and recording of workplace activities
  • State-of-the-art equipment attracts the best students and personnel
  • A modern teaching environment attracts external funding sources if necessary

Significant cost-savings with centralised solutions

The Planmeca teaching concept offers significant cost-savings to universities by means of centralised software upgrades, centralised infection control and hygiene protocols, remote monitoring and user assistance, as well as proactive maintenance. These procedures decrease the total cost of ownership and extend the lifetime of the investment.

Planmeca’s extensive experience from a large number of projects worldwide supports the school or hospital in making economic decisions and long-lasting investments.


Planmeca’s unique teaching concept

“It’s wonderful that we are investing in the students and can provide new innovations for training. The best part is that the students are in a simulated setting right from the start and can follow hygiene procedures and data records, for example.”

Folktandvården’s training clinic for adult dentistry, Institute of Odontology, University of Gothenburg
Docent Åsa Leondardt, Chief Dentist, Head of training clinic

Planmeca’s 3D world

Initiate your students into the future of dental imaging

Planmeca has been the first to introduce breakthrough 3D imaging methods that transform traditional imaging practices and offer a fascinating way to initiate students into the future of imaging.

Planmeca’s open CAD/CAM solutions for modern learning – a new era in dental education

CAD/CAM technology is transforming traditional dental education and bringing completely new possibilities to both teaching and learning. Planmeca’s CAD/CAM solutions are seamlessly integrated into our Planmeca Romexis® software, meaning that all necessary clinical information is always available in one place. Our unique 3D virtual patient concept can be combined with CAD/CAM data, creating a perfect educational and clinical tool for prosthetic dentistry. All information can also be accessed from iPad devices, so students can practice their new skills wherever they are.

Planmeca Romexis® Compare evaluation tool

Planmeca Romexis® Compare is a powerful self-assessment tool that enables students to evaluate and measure their work individually against a master template. From learning dental morphology through virtual digital waxing to comparing their work to their school’s chosen ‘ideal’ – students get detailed objective feedback so they can focus on perfecting their clinical skills.

Planmeca Romexis® – the brains behind it all

At the heart of all Planmeca products is our world-leading software that meets all the imaging, CAD/CAM and digital dental equipment management requirements set by any dental facility.

All business scopes

•Universities and hospitals
•Large clinic chains
•Medium sized clinics
•Private practices with one treatment room

All specialities

•Maxillofacial surgery
•Esthetic dentistry

All modalities

•Panoramic images
•Cephalometric images
•Intraoral images
•CBCT images
•3D intraoral scans
•3D photos
•TWAIN devices

All platforms

•Native support for Windows and Mac OS
•Planmeca iRomexis™ mobile iOS viewer app
•Planmeca mRomexis™ mobile viewer for Android, iOS and web browser
•Planmeca Romexis® Cloud information exchange service

Planmeca Romexis® key advantages in teaching

Planmeca’s radiology approval process

Our Planmeca Romexis® software offers a unique radiology approval process for the needs of modern-day dental education.

•Guarantees a safe learning environment for students by controlling their access to X-ray devices.
•Radiation is disabled until the teacher accepts the student’s X-ray acquisition request.
•After the request has been accepted, the X-ray unit is enabled for image acquisition.
•The student then evaluates the quality of the captured images, and the teacher approves the evaluation.
•The student performs a radiological interpretation using intuitive menus in Planmeca Romexis.

Intelligent image search
for the teaching faculty

Planmeca Romexis® offers an intelligent option for teaching environments: the teacher can search for images acquired by specific students or with specific Planmeca X-ray devices. This offers an easy way to evaluate student performance. The teacher can also grant user permissions to each student separately.

Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management

All Planmeca dental units can be connected to Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management software. It collects information of all dental unit usage and thus acts as a practical tool for student evaluation and scientific research. It allows storing personal dental unit settings, such as chair positions and instrument settings, and enables applying specified user restrictions for different user groups (e.g. more advanced options for post-graduate students).

Benefits for large university clinics

Access accurate, real-time information on all Planmeca equipment usage
• Modernise clinic planning by basing decisions on clear data
• Automatically generate mileage reports to plan unit servicing based on actual usage
• Achieve significant cost-savings through better planning
• Monitor clinic status with all networked units in one easy-to-read graphical overview
• Benefit from improved and more efficient user-assistance
• Achieve significant time and cost-savings with remote software updates
• Increase efficiency and flexibility by using our software on mobile devices

Benefits for students and faculty staff

• Easily adjust and save individual chair positions and instrument presets
• Instantly access saved user settings from all units in the clinic

Benefits for unit maintenance

• Conveniently monitor units through remote connections
• Proactive maintenance cuts costs by preventing downtime


One software for all needs

“Thanks to Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management, the procedures at workstations can be monitored. Maintenance and operations are handled by the department’s medical technicians, and the head dental nurse supervises the cleaning functions that extend the life of the equipment. The dental unit recognises which user logs in and “disconnects” instruments that the particular user is not allowed to use (e.g. the micromotor). The Clinic Management software has many options that can be of help during teaching.”

Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
Dentist Jana Johansson Huggare, Project Manager

Planmeca Romexis® key advantages in teaching

Planmeca digital dental units

Planmeca’s wide dental unit range includes customisable options for all university needs to support an ergonomic treatment workflow.

Planmeca dental units offer:

Optimal working ergonomics from day one

• Lean and narrow backrest, side-lifting chair and small cuspidor leave the floor free for stools – allowing the dentist and assistant to get near the patient
• Small instrument console near the patient with no need to lock it, instruments are light to activate
• The instrument arm can be positioned on either side of the spittoon – easy adaptation for different kind of needs
- Alternative working styles: right or left-handed users
- For teaching either two or four-handed dentistry

Intuitive user interface

• Advises the user with clear texts and symbols
• Simple to use, only the relevant functionalities for selected instruments are shown
• Available in several languages
• The staff can concentrate on teaching clinical work, students can concentrate on learning
• Visiting teachers can also easily start working with the unit

Everything you need for a university environment

• Suitable for heavy use at universities
• Future dentists learn the most modern technology
• Studying and clinical work is fun and motivating
• Timeless design that lasts the whole lifetime of the unit
• Vivacious upholstery colour options for elegant and colourful rooms
• Small space requirements save in building costs
• Possibility of shared instrument use reduces instrument costs


Planmeca digital dental units

“Patients treated with Planmeca units tend to move less since they feel much more comfortable than in other units. Our patients specifically request for treatments to be carried out on Planmeca units. Planmeca’s dental unit design is very different and modern looking. Patients easily identify them as higher-end units due to their nice ergonomic design.”

Faculty of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia
Lecturer and Clinical Coordinator, Dr Hikmah Mohd Nor

Impeccable infection control

A safe treatment and learning environment

Clean water and infection control that meets the highest of standards have always been essential elements in Planmeca’s dental unit design. Innovative product development and cooperation with leading dental universities have produced comprehensive, thoroughly studied solutions for both external and internal dental unit infection control.

Our dental units offer

  • Smooth surfaces and durable materials for excellent external infection control

  • Integrated infection control for treatment water and suction system: no need for extra accessories, guidance from the user interface

  • Infection control routines that are easy to follow

    - Safe working conditions for students and clinical staff, safe treatments for patients

    - Students learn the correct infection control routines from the beginning

  • Quality assurance with the Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management software: all flushing and cleaning cycles are recorded and can be tracked

Centralised infection control brings
efficiency for large clinics

  • Saves time and workload significantly

  • A centralised  cleantech water treatment system can be implemented to provide high-quality water for all dental units with minimum effort

  • The advanced water system is chemical-free and generates significant cost, labor and energy savings

  • Dental units can be configured to perform flushing cycles automatically, even during the night. No risk of forgetting to perform the cycles and a great time-saver!

  • Centralised suction tube cleaning system – cleaning suction tubes and filters couldn’t be easier

  • Safe to use. The cleaning agent is fed and measured automatically from a central container – no need to handle the chemicals manually, no risk of wrong dosage

  • Saves room as there is no need to store chemicals in the clinic

Faculty of Dentistry | International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Impeccable infection control

“Planmeca dental units are significantly easier to service with their clear error reporting system shown on the screen. The issues encountered with them have been very minimal. The epoxy powder finishing and smooth surface facilitate efficient infection control, and the infection control steps are so straightforward that students have no excuse for not following them. The unit’s construction is very durable and the upholstery is very comfortable for both students and patients.”

Faculty of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia
Chief Dental Technologist, MD Arshad

Planmeca 2D and 3D imaging

Industry-leading X-ray units

Planmeca offers the most advanced and versatile 2D and 3D imaging devices and software to meet all your university’s extraoral and intraoral imaging needs.

Our X-ray units are easy to use with a clear touch screen guiding the user through the imaging process. The students learn correct patient positioning and exposure techniques using state-of-the-art devices, while our advanced radiology approval process guarantees radiation safety.

Intraoral simulation

Our intraoral X-ray unit can be installed in a special lead-lined cabinet. The students can easily and safely practise intraoral techniques using a phantom head together with our intraoral sensors or imaging plates.

Planmeca Intra simulation

  • Digital intraoral X-ray imaging for the simulation classroom
  • Teaches the real workflows in endodontics and other special fields
  • Provides safe X-ray acquisition in the classroom
  • Images immediately available at any Planmeca Romexis® workstation

Planmeca Intra simulation

Planmeca’s radiology approval process

Planmeca’s digital imaging solutions offer new teaching possibilities in radiology as well as improved radiation hygiene. The Planmeca Romexis radiology approval process prevents unauthorised use of all radiation-emitting devices and guarantees a safe learning process.

Planmeca’s radiology approval process

Join our global network of leading universities

Our global Planmeca Digital Academy training concept offers leading universities and clinics a great opportunity to benefit from Planmeca’s cutting-edge technology and take their dental training business to the next level with a trusted partner.

Planmeca Digital Academy brings together the university’s expertise and skilled faculty staff and the latest dental equipment and software solutions. This cooperation model offers advanced dental training and continuous learning for today’s dental professionals.


Exporting Nordic know-how

Planmeca and the University of Turku have founded a joint venture company, Nordic Institute of Dental Education (NIDE). The Finland-based company offers high-quality continued education courses to international dental professionals.

The objective is to export and share the exceptional Nordic know-how in digital dentistry, utilising the academic qualifications of the University of Turku and the high technologies developed by Planmeca, as well as their global dental network. The courses are organised at the University of Turku and in Planmeca’s headquarters in Helsinki. The topics of the courses are related to rapidly evolving dental technologies and their application in modern dentistry, e.g. 3D imaging, prosthodontics, endodontics, biomaterials science, orthodontics and CAD/CAM technologies. The University of Turku admits the ECTS credits and course certificates to the students.