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Institute of Odontology | University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Planmeca’s unique teaching concept

“It’s wonderful that we are investing in the students and can provide new innovations for training. The best part is that the students are in a simulated setting right from the start and can follow hygiene procedures and data records, for example.”

Folktandvården’s training clinic for adult dentistry, Institute of Odontology, University of Gothenburg
Docent Åsa Leondardt, Chief Dentist, Head of training clinic

Department of Dental Medicine | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


One software for all needs

“Thanks to Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management, the procedures at workstations can be monitored. Maintenance and operations are handled by the department’s medical technicians, and the head dental nurse supervises the cleaning functions that extend the life of the equipment. The dental unit recognises which user logs in and “disconnects” instruments that the particular user is not allowed to use (e.g. the micromotor). The Clinic Management software has many options that can be of help during teaching.”

Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet
Dentist Jana Johansson Huggare, Project Manager

Department of Dentistry | Aarhus University, Denmark

Faculty of Dentistry | International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Planmeca digital dental units

“Patients treated with Planmeca units tend to move less since they feel much more comfortable than in other units. Our patients specifically request for treatments to be carried out on Planmeca units. Planmeca’s dental unit design is very different and modern looking. Patients easily identify them as higher-end units due to their nice ergonomic design.”

Faculty of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia
Lecturer and Clinical Coordinator, Dr Hikmah Mohd Nor


Impeccable infection control

“Planmeca dental units are significantly easier to service with their clear error reporting system shown on the screen. The issues encountered with them have been very minimal. The epoxy powder finishing and smooth surface facilitate efficient infection control, and the infection control steps are so straightforward that students have no excuse for not following them. The unit’s construction is very durable and the upholstery is very comfortable for both students and patients.”

Faculty of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia
Chief Dental Technologist, MD Arshad

University of Maryland School of Dentistry | Baltimore, United States


Planmeca 2D and 3D imaging – industry-leading X-ray units

“Our students represent a link, a conduit to the future, due to the school’s innovations in teaching digital dentistry. It is essential that dental students learn new treatment modalities to stay current, and that they continually keep abreast of the latest innovations and knowledge.”

University of Maryland School of Dentistry
Gary D. Hack, DDS, Director of Clinical Simulation

King Saud University College of Dentistry | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Planmeca project partnership

“We had a vision. We were looking for innovative methods to provide the highest quality education and research – to provide the best dental health care for the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We chose the company that demonstrated commitment to the university’s vision of excellence in dental education and that we believe is best positioned to serve the interests of the university, its faculty, and most importantly, its students
– the dentists of the future in Saudi Arabia.”

King Saud University College of Dentistry
Dean, Professor Khalid Ali Al Wazzan

University of Eastern Finland | Kuopio University Hospital


Functional clinic planning

“At our university, each treatment station is the most optimal size. It would not be possible to fit into a space with a smaller floor area. However, there is enough room to manoeuvre. For example, positioning the dental unit for right- or left-handed use just takes a couple of minutes. There is also enough space to carry out maintenance procedures well. When you consider how much one square meter costs in rent over 10 years, you are already talking about quite a large sum of money.”

University of Eastern Finland/Kuopio University Hospital
Jari Kellokoski, Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Taking dental education to a new level

“It is of primary importance that students are exposed to the latest technology. Otherwise, there will be no development.”

University of Eastern Finland/Kuopio University Hospital
Jari Kellokoski, Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Department of Odontology | University of Copenhagen, Denmark



"We chose Planmeca, because it fulfilled all of our criteria. There were four criteria for the suppliers: quality and flexibility, price, delivery times and guarantee, as well as maintenance terms and warranties."

Department of Odontology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ulla Pallesen, Senior Dentist

Dublin Dental School and Hospital, Ireland

Charles Sturt University, Australia